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John DiMaria


John DiMaria is an Ohio-based pianist and fine artist. John DiMaria was an orphan, originally born in Liberia, Africa and adopted into the U.S. in 2007. He has been creating fine art since 2014 and making music since 2011. His first love is the piano, but when he picked up art, John blended his art skills with his 8 years of playing the piano, bringing about a perfect marriage of his two passions. 


John’s evolution in music and art allowed him to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of his talent even further. His use of music and art allows John to challenge the boundaries of multimedia performances, presentations, and benefit concerts - utilizing his soft touch of the keys and imaginative works of art to tell his stories, which explores the depths of mobility, intermezzo, and an incredible life story.


Art and music is John’s voice, a powerful interpretation of his deepest thoughts, hidden emotions, and strongest desires. Through his works, he tries to capture impressions and deep, personal feelings after significant healing in his life created a new path, a new way to relate to the world.


"Cosmos speaks to me on so many levels but the main level is the loss of my father and now going through my Mothers grave illness I find myself at a cross roads much like you did in Liberia as an orphan waiting to be adopted.  I see my past with my parents and now must face my future with out them and a life with out their direct influence. I wonder how my life will change in my new life with out them.  What will my future be and how will my past influence the decisions I make in that future. Cosmos speaks to me on this level and I want the painting in my studio to remind me of the emotional balance my feelings come to bear when I observe the painting and contemplate my past, present, and future."

William T. Moore, III / Sculptor Artist 

"I just wanted to say you were truly inspiring. Your artwork was breath taking and the way you played the piano was quite impressive. Your life story truly moved me in such a way. It made me realize how many things I've taken for granted. I am so very lucky to have met you, and it was amazing to get the chance to speak to you.

Thank you for opening my eyes."

Chloe Hall / Musician / Artist

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